The Wild Hunt Books

Book 1 – Dancing With Darkness

She’s a Summer fae with a secret. He’s a Hunter in the Wild Hunt desperately trying to return to the Underworld. A war might bring them together, but it’s the god’s ties that bind them for good.

Stay out of the problems of the island

Sweet Summerfae, Valentina, did not listen when she gave up the enemy’s secrets to save a loved one from an ambush in a growing war.

The War of Many is brewing

And those secrets take her to the frontlines, captive to the worst court of all—the firefae to the east.

Stay away from the Wild Hunt

But it’s either escape with the gorgeous deadly Hunter whose shadows call to the darkness in her or back to the endless burning fire of Autumn Court.

Once worlds apart—now leashed together

And they could never be more at odds. Valentina’s hate for Kaderyn’s arrogance is enough to draw the attention of absent gods. The two are forced on a quest for survival across an island of deceiving fae, dangerous monsters, and meddling, rhyming pixies. But that hate soon transforms into a desire neither expect as she lights a path through his darkness, and his shadows start leading her home.

The darkness of the Hunt is going to find out exactly what the light of Summer is made of

Dancing with Darkness is a slow burn, mild spice fantasy romance. Book two, Shadows of Solace, carries the payload of a ‘one love, all-consuming, romance’ with heat and court intrigue ramped up. The world of Eadha is full of unique fantasy creatures, magical artifacts, and tavern-type songs.

The Wild Hunt books are NOT dark romance.

Content warnings include: violence, swearing, hunting/animal related triggers and sexual content not meant for those under 18, see inside book for more details.

Book 2 – Shadows of Solace

With Kaderyn’s shadows more powerful than ever and a firefae hunting her down, Valentina finally learns what secrets are hiding in Blackwater Junction.

Strange magic is in the air . . . or rain, rather.

But seeing the bravery of those getting slaughtered by Winter and frustrated with those who can help but refuse, Valentina vows never to return to the broken chair in Otti Theater ever again.

Especially once she learns what she truly is.

Life may flow on Spring’s breeze but it’s pulling Valentina into dangerous fae court games that are determined to send her into the ground. Or worse, back to the endless fire of Autumn Court.

Kaderyn’s closer to returning to the Wild Hunt for the first time in centuries.

It’s a straight shot to the last chest then it’s all finally over.

But a light has shone through Kaderyn’s darkness and he’s not sure he’s willing to give Valentina up. But getting her back is going to make him do something he swore all those years ago he would never do again.

Why is frost chasing Jairek into Spring? Can Kaderyn get his shadows and all those he cares about back home to The Court of Shadows? Or will Winter’s desolate tundra take more than he’s willing to give?

Book 3 – Rise of a Huntress

Rise Rise of a Huntress HJ Reese

What they didn’t know was that you’re a fighter. Bloodied and broken—you will rise.

It was supposed to be over. She was supposed to be home.

Ice is a wicked deadly magic that creeps up dark corridors, threatening to crack all it touches. Valentina finds herself vulnerable behind enemy lines in the court of her nightmares. But frost has quieted her mind, ice has hardened her soul, and the Frost Witches of Winter Court have a power she never expected.

Survival means making deals with unlikely allies of the North if she wants to return to The Court of Shadows.

Uprooted from their safehold, the faeless of Blackwater Junction search for a new place to call home as the War of Many grows to extremes. But Deryn Ironside, recluse faeless on the Mainland, never expected it to be so close to her. Armed with her hawkshifter lover and her trickster demigod best friend, she does what she must to stay away from the War.

Even when it calls to her by name.

Kaderyn’s heard the baying of the hounds and has returned its call to the Wild Hunt. To home. But something in the soft night, memories of a love, are calling him back.

A long time ago, the Hunt was destroyed. A long time ago, someone was the cause.

It’s time to find out who.

Or more importantly, why.

Rise of a Huntress is book 3 in the 4-book Wild Hunt fae fantasy romance series. Content warnings include: violence, swearing and sexual content not meant for those under 18.

"Fall of the wild hunt" , Short story collection book covers, fall of the wild hunt

Haven of Feathers and Ore

There are exactly three beings outsider and magicless, Deryn Ironside of The Mainland, is comfortable talking to. And one of them can come and go as he pleases (as he often does in the middle of a conversation).

But even recluses get lonely, and she wants a way for her love, a hawkshifter from the Courtless, to be able to step foot in the Iron Tower she calls home. But fae, even Shifterfae as he is, can’t touch iron. And Deryn swore she’d never return to the courts—his home—and the tricky fae that broke her ever again.

Enlisting the help of her best friend, a demigod with questionable morals, she sets off in search of a way for fae to touch iron.

But the ruins of the old cities are dangerous and filled with monsters, and Deryn lost her bravery, and her leg, the same day she lost her trust in Eadha Island’s fae.

Can she find the courage to do what she must for the hawkshifter she loves? Or will her fears hold her back more than her broken body ever could?

Haven of Feathers and Ore is a short story (under 70 pages) set on Eadha Island, the same as the full-length novels in the Wild Hunt books by H J Reese. Book one in the series starts with Dancing With Darkness. These novels follow the mythology of the Wild Hunt, its fall and its rise. Reader discretion is advised for mild sexual content that may not be suitable for readers under 18.

Skies of Onyx

Kaderyn, Lord to The Court of Shadows, desperately wants to return to his rightful place as leader of the Wild Hunt in the Underworld. To do this, he has to reunite with his shadows that were maliciously stolen from him almost two centuries ago, now locked in iron chests he can’t touch, and spread across an island he hates.

All hope was lost until a faeless—a fae with no magic—comes to him with a way to touch iron. But Deryn Ironside has got a problem of her own and she’s not giving Kaderyn anything until he solves it for her.

Save the pixies without killing the ogres that are eating them.

Kaderyn rides out, chasing fae artifacts and dodging tricky demigods with his three hounds and his magnificent mare, Deathmarch.

But can he get what he needs and keep what’s left of his Hunt together? Can he walk away from the half-dead King of the Courtless he finds locked in a giant’s fist?

Skies of Onyx is a 46-page short story set in the fantasy fae island of Eadha. It includes mythology from Arthurian legends and myths of the Wild Hunt. It is a companion story to the full-length novels in The Wild Hunt Books by H J Reese. Book One starts with Dancing With Darkness. Skies of Onyx can be read as a standalone.

Origins of Shadow Fae

Origins Shadowfae Shadow Fae HJ Reese

Kaderyn, Leader of the Wild Hunt, fears nothing—not metal, or monsters, or creatures from the seas. Nothing can tear down the ethereal Wild Hunt.

Or, at least, he thought so.

But when he wakes, groggy and alone, after an attack in a cave on a fae isle of Eadha, he questions all he’s ever known.

Not taken down by swords or arrows, or fangs and claws—but a song.

And now his shadows are lost, scattered far and wide, and the Underworld seems a memory.

But worse, something is different with the faeless around him. Something he’s sure he had a hand in causing.